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Stack, mix and match November 22, 2010

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When it comes to jewellery I really love the look of stacked bracelets and bangles, it can completely lift a simple outfit while adding really great style, and at a very low cost too! You have to be careful when it comes to stacking your lovely bangles on because colour, pattern and the amount of “bling” can make or break the look you’re going for.

Celebs embracing stacked bangles!

I really love the understated look especially when it comes to parties; I love accessories so when I had a party to go to a few weeks back, I bought this gorgeous one shoulder deep purple dress from Al Raya Complex in Kuwait but the dress was so simple (just how I like it) and I needed to glam it up a bit while still maintaining the classy look I was going for so I popped over to Aldo and found a set of awesome stacked up bracelet/bangles (for 4KD pictured bottom right) that went perfectly with my outfit, but like I said depending on the time of day and outfit you can’t just wear any odd thing on your arms!

Stacked bangles from Aldo

Now, there are two ways to decide on what bangles match; if you have the patience to buy a whole bunch of different colours and patterns like I did from Diva (In Australia) you can have the freedom to mix and match between all the different ones you have, you can even add a simple bracelet with a charm dangling down between the bangles but if you don’t trust yourself or just can’t be bothered, there are so many stores which sell them already stacked together in all different colours, coordinated depending on the look you are trying to achieve from Aldo, Forever 21, Monsoon, EXPRESS, Diva (for those in Australia) etc!

The only thing about these gorgeously chic accessories is to always keep in mind to keep everything else to a minimum because you don’t want anything else to take away from your fashion statement. One more thing, please don’t be scared to try it out, fashion is all about having fun and experimenting what looks good on you and what doesn’t! So have fun with it and enjoy!


Layer it on November 10, 2010

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I am obsessed with winter fashion! It is so much more sophisticated than summer clothes where it can get so hot and sticky you would rather be taking things off than layering clothes on! The secret to get the ultimate winter fashion look is layering; now this is not an invitation to get every possible thing in your wardrobe pack it on and leave the house with a misguided sense that that is fashion, instead, stick to two pieces on top (excluding your thermal, and your coat).

Celebrities embracing the layering trend

I bought a dark grey sleeveless knit cardigen a long time ago from a store in Australia called Valleygirl, and underneath it I wore a long sleeve dusty pink top that has a few buttons on the sleeve for a little something extra and tied it all together with a dusty pink and black beltwith black tights and my favourite winter boots from ALDO (See my post about them “Winter has come again”). This look is understated and classy, I didn’t need to wear a coat with it because it wasn’t that cold. It’s really important to stick to the same colour tones if you’re going for something classy and chic, don’t get me wrong I am no fan of matching I think that looks hidious, but instead try to stick to the same colour palette.

Girly skirted coat from Topshop

I found this absaloutley gorgeous coat at Topshop (pictured left) that I could not resist and bought it home with me, it’s hanging in my wardrobe as we speak! It’s double  buttoned and the material feels very soft which is something I look for because anything in wool irritates my skin. It doesn’t matter what you have going on underneath and you don’t need to match the coat.

Belts are another must have if you’re looking to layer because you don’t want your clothes to just hang off you and it also sinches in the waist, and what girl doesn’t want to empahasise a smaller waist?  It can be in any size so go for it!

Another cute & gorgeous trend this season are the winter knitted beret hats. I bought myself one from Forever 21 in red to wear with my coat because it adds an amazing pop of colour whilst maintaining a chic winter look. You can find these anywhere but be sure to check out the collection at Forever 21 because they’re cheap & come in many colours.

Basic infinity scarves

An absaloute essential in winter are scarves, so why not wear them in style too? There are so many ways to wear scarves but don’t feel like you are restricted, experiment and see what looks best on you and what look you are going for. A new trend in this essential winter item is available to us now known  as infinity scarves. Infinity scarves are basically a loop of material with no ends that you can wrap around tight or keep as loose as you want. There are so many different colours and patterns available you can rest assured you will manage to find one to suit your outfit.

Don’t forget that just because it’s winter you can’t wear flattering skirts and dresses while still embracing the trend, in fact, dresses offer you the opportunity to be the most fashion forward. I bought a great Armani Exchange black gold and green dress I am yet to wear for winter, even though the fabric is soft, I would layer it with a great pair of black stockings H&M have a huge range from plain to patterned and a fantastic pair of ankle boots with your coat on top to keep warm.

So don’t forget to embrace the winter season ahead and don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures styles and colours! If you have a favourite winter trend please share, I’d love to hear it!


Giving back November 8, 2010

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Mac Cosmetics

This is just a quick post to notify all the ladies out there who don’t already know about MAC’s policy of giving back. I love MAC products, I buy all my make up from there because it feels soft and natural on my face, even their heaviest colours of eye shadows can be applied and heavily or as lightly as you want.

Some of the packaging you can return

Anyway back to the point, MAC has a deal going on with its customers, and that is for every SIX (6) empty containers you bring back to one of their stores, (eye shadows, foundation, lipstick etc) MAC will give you a free lipstick in your colour of choice. It’s a great way to help the environment and you get rewarded with a token of their appreciation for doing your part for our planet. I am big on recycling and doing little things to help and this is just such a great thing MAC are doing. Their website is


Winter has come again November 7, 2010

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Kuwait has welcomed the winter season with open arms after a long summer and I for one welcome the change!  I don’t love walking in heels and in the winter open toed anything is not feasible. I was looking for a comfy stylish pair of flat black boots and I found one at ALDO but they were sold out.

I went to all their stores in Kuwait but they were either out, or only had it in a size 36 so when I went to Dubai I found these at a discounted price, I got in just at the right time because there were only 2 pairs left! They were discounted at 340 DIRHAMS which is about 25KD.

The other colors this particular boot comes in is grey, red,  and an amazing teal color that I’ve only seen in Dubai, they also sell it in beige but I only saw that color in Kuwait. I opted for the black because I wanted something versatile.

The only thing about these boots is that they are suede and everyone knows suede can be easily ruined by water or dirt especially if you decide to get it in black so the gentleman at the shop suggested I buy a product of theirs called “ERASE and GROOM”. One side is a thick brush you use to scrub the boot in a circular motion and one the other side is block you use to smooth out the suede. It works like a charm, use it before wearing the boot, I love it because it works on any suede or nubuck shoes and after every outing I polish the shoe to bring it back to its new condition.

LAURANCE boots in deep red

I love this boot for another reason, and that is its insanely comfortable!! I wear these now all the time with black spandex tights I found at Bershka. I don’t feel comfortable in cotton tights I feel like they always ride up and it makes me look short, but the pair from Bershka are extremely slimming, and they can be as long or as short as you would like them to be, depending on the look you are going for!

Anyway, just another thing I wanted to say about winter now that it’s here, ladies, don’t forget to moisturise!! This is the season for chapped lips and skin!


Bling Bling! November 4, 2010

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I LOVE ugg boots! I’m an Aussie so when winter strikes, my uggs make a welcome appearance, ah so warm and comfy and just the best! The only thing I hate about uggs is that they can get damaged very quickly if worn in the rain. The best advise I can give is to wear them around the house, or in cold, NOT rainy weather conditions.

Anyway! I am totally stoked to see how popular they have become all over the world because they are a core ozzie must have. I was in Dubai the other week walking abouts in Dubai Mall when I was stopped in my tracks as I looked through the Bloomingdales window display for Jimmy Choo. They have taken an absolute basic and “blinged” it, I can imagine Carrie B sauntering through the streets of NYC turning it into the next “must have”.

I have mixed feelings about this, the boots aren’t cheap and like I said, they really need to be taken care of as to not be in any water and they also have a tendency to crease after the usual wear and tear, but other than that, I think they’re pretty cute, especially to a casual outting with the girls or so on.

What do you guys think? I’m sure all those with a soft spot for the over the top and bling will love this! Don’t worry about the uggs cramping your outfit, if fitted with black tights and something like a boyfriend sweater will look super stylish and sexy!

Don’t forget to check out for a wide variety of uggs for men women and your little darlings!

Uggs in Hollywood


Harem, yay or nay?

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Love the top, but the pants just look old and drabby

I appreciate fashion, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing I seem to really struggle with is when people flip through Cosmo or Vogue and see the fashions on the runway and think they can imitate the same look, and that’s not the point of fashion, the point of fashion, in my opinion is to take a style and make it your own, in a way that suits your body sense of style budget and so on.

Harem pants are interesting, I personally don’t dig them and some of the pants I see being worn just make me laugh! Like 80’s washed out harem denim pants I mean please! Stick to how it should be worn don’t be so rebellious when it comes to these pants because they already have so much to their appearance that a plain pair with a simple classy top will make a gorgeous fashionable look.

This is fashion gone RIGHT. Clean classy and up to date!