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A must! November 21, 2010

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Ok! So I just got back from Istanbul and I had the most incredible time! Sad to be back:(

I know this is not a food blog but there are a few things I must share with everyone. We went to Bursa (as mentioned in my previous blog) and after a trip around the town the family wanted to go to lunch so our driver took us to this place called Molla Yegan, which on the outside doesn’t look like much, but unfortunately I was sick that day and I couldn’t eat:(

The place from inside is really nicely decorated, the outdoor seating is traditional arabic dining with cushions on the floor with long tables in the middle, you even have to take your shoes off before sitting.

Even though my stomach couldn’t digest the mere scent of meat that day, I always manage to succumb to desserts, now you won’t find creme brulee or cheesecake available but there is knafeh. Let me mention, I hate middle eastern sweets but this knafeh is made fresh to order, and it was simply the best.

They bring the knafeh fresh and hot on a steel plate enough to share between 2 situated under A LOT of syrup and sprinkled with bits of pistachio on top. For someone who isn’t a fan of middle eastern desserts I was shocked that I was tempted to order another plate but my guilt of hard work out sessions at the gym kicked in so I didn’t but it was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted, I can’t believe how good the food in Bursa was!!

Since I didn’t get to eat lunch at this restaurant I can’t judge the food but when 7 people all give rave reviews about their meals I’m gonna go ahead and say that this place is not one should miss.

If anyone gets the chance to get down there let me know if you’re interested for the address, I really hope everyone can experience the culinary delights that exist in Bursa!


Update on Turkey November 18, 2010

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Hi all!

Iam still away right now but just wanted to give an update on my travels and share something that is a shame to keep to myself!

We took a two day trip down to Bursa to see the mountains and all the nature that we’d heard so much about (it was disappointing to say the least) but it was nice because we are with a big group so its hard to feel bored.

Anyway, on our first day in Bursa we were waiting to get picked up and go to lunch somewhere, and we had heard that Turkey has something called Kebap (yes with a P) Iskender derived from its inventor, ─░skender Efendi, who lived in Bursa in the late 19th century so we decided to try it out. Now, let me just say that I am in no way shape or form a fan of meat but this restaurant offers only this dish so I tried it, and I think just then and there my taste buds went on a trip to heaven. It is the most delicious dish I have probably EVER had. What it is is beef strips (which I usually hate)basted with tomato sauce over pieces of fried pide bread on top with eggplant dip on one side and yogurt on the other. The waiter then brings out a pan of sizzling hot butter and sprinkles it on top of the meat. Talk about unhealthy!! But if anyone gets the chance to go I can’t stress enough how much you should not miss out on this amazing place.

If you get the chance to go to the one in Bursa you can see on the place mats the family tree of the man who originally created it and how it’s been handed down to the younger generations and now the place is being run by his great great great grandchildren!

Anyway that’s it so far! Ill be back soon!