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Spoil your footsies April 6, 2011

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Having been raised in Australia, I was bound to the culture of thongs (flip flops, not g strings;P) the beach and fish n chips. When I was young I had a problem with my feet I always sprained my ankle when walking so I needed those foot padding things that go in shoes and I hated it, so from a very young age I would wear thongs or open toed shoes, after 10 or so years, when I would need to wear closed shoes my toes would just ache with pain they would get red and so irritated so I would dread when I would need to wear anything closed for sports or long walks up hills etc.


Nicole Richie looking cute as in her converse shoes

Anyway long story short it’s been 25 years since I have purchased a pair of sneakers voluntarily  but because it was getting harder and harder for me to wear anything but thongs I decided to invest in a pair of converse shoes and this is something I recommend for everyone!! They are so freakin comfortable! Even though they are slightly pricey, I feel like they are a perfect alternative for people who have the same problem as me. It’s also a great look celebrities can pull off and look effortlessly chic and cute, don’t hate me but it seriously peeves me when socialites and celebrities like Kim K wear nothing but Christian Louboutin’s, (we get it you’re rich, snob).


I tend to pair them with jeans /shorts and a casual t shirt but I am sure there are many other ways to wear them, ( I don’t think I can pull off a pair of Chuck Taylor’s with a dress like M. Cyrus!) and since I’m new to wearing sneakers if any of you fashionistas have any other suggestions on how to wear them let me know that’d be great!


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