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Nudes all the rage March 9, 2011

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So I’ve wanted to blog about this since I got back from Australia but there was always something else on my mind. While I was back home, I noticed an overwhelming fashion trend and that is everything nude, for those who don’t know what I mean I am referring to really sweet soft romantic tones from white beige and soft pinks, from day wear to night time attire, from shoes to bags and everything in between.

One reason why I believe it was such an overwhelmingly beautiful trend in Australia is because of a store called Forever New, you can say that all the “IT” girls shop at, as their style is up to date, shabby chic and sexy without going over the top. Mind you, forever new only opened it’s doors in 2006 in Melbourne and now operates more than 100 stores internationally, so that may be why this trend hasn’t hit Kuwait yet, or if it ever will, but this trend is one that I am just crazy about. When I went back home I actually did 70% of my shopping there!

I did notice this trend in Hollywood over the awards season, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Jo Hanson and Hally Steinfeld just to name a few were embracing this romantic trend and I feel it just makes a woman look so classy and effortless!

my nude shoes

On NYE I went to a party thrown by Fashion TV and the theme was “A White Party” so everyone had to dress in light breezy colors and ofcourse the guys would either go all out and wear white from head to toe or do what many guys did and wear jeans with a white shirt white shoes and a funky little hat to top off the outfit (I must say he did me proud that night, looking smashing!) I got a dress from Forever New and gorgeous pink/beige pumps for the night which I am in love with. Everyone looked amazing that night, it was a sea of white and really allowed that fashion to come alive. I really hope that this trend comes to Kuwait hopefully over the summer, it is simply too cute a trend to miss out on!


What’s happening to the world!! March 5, 2011

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Hollywood's latest insane idea

I think reality TV has hit an all time low!! A couple of days ago a show called “BridalPlasty”aired on E! Basically, what it is, is a group of engaged chicks competing for the chance to win their dream wedding and all the surgeries they want, lipo, botox, boob jobs etc etc. I mean ok, I understand that people behind the scenes have ratings to reach so they can make a few more millions but really, what does a show like this tell us about what’s to come in the future, what our kids will be watching and talking about and the really sad thing is, we are becoming so desensitized to this rubbish, it’s just accepted in our society.



Undoubtedly,in this day and age reality TV has completely taken over, from American Idol, dancing with the stars, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Jersey Shore & Big Brother (the ”mother”) of all reality television, and we are completely hooked, so what can be said about the quality of what airs on TV and is there really anything good on anymore? Thankfully, there are some kick ASS shows on the box like breaking bad, lie to me, big bang theory, community, how I met your mother, two and a half men, and glee, fingers crossed these shows air for a long time coming.

Anyway, even though I am slamming trashy reality TV, I, in no way am denying that I enjoy and look forward to seeing everyday people venturing into insane projects and wicked¬†arguments. Hey, everyone needs a break from “our” reality;)