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I’m back! February 10, 2011

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Hi all!

I apologise for being MIA I’ve been away (back home) in Australia and was wayyy too busy to blog, (with two nieces under two my babysitting responsibilities were put to full use)! So today I must just take a minute and talk about the situation in Egypt. As an arab, I feel so proud and so happy seeing fellow arabs fighting for democracy which is so amazing; I truly which I could be there fighting along side them for something that arabs and everybody around the world always seeks, and that is a better way of life. Bless you all and keep on fighting.

I have sooo many fashion finds and other things I have seen I want to talk about but it’s late now and I am kind of glued to CNN, so stay posted I will be back full throttle!! Till then, have a good night and stay safe!


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