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AU vs KW. What do U think? December 9, 2010

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Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a while I’ve been insanely busy I just arrived in Australia for a family visit! It’s December now which means summer, but I am NOT impressed with the weather:( It’s a nice cool breeze which most people love but I’m here for the gorgeous beaches and lazy days at the park, booo! Anyway, I’m here for another 5 weeks so hopefully summer will arrive soon.

Now for all those who have been or live in Kuwait, may agree with me when I say the ladies can be really over the top when it comes to fashion, but they do keep up with the latest trends, but having been here in Australia, I’ve noticed that people aren’t really up to date, it’s not that there aren’t amazzzing fashion musts available, but I think the overly relaxed atmosphere that comes with being in Australia over shadows the fact that sometimes, putting in a little bit of effort can really go a long way in lifting a persons spirit. I’am talking about the girls fashion sense more than the guys, since guys here are always in board shorts and surfer t shirts which looks neat and cool, but some of the girls I see at the shops are wearing these overly tight short shorts and extremely low cut blouses with this hideous  hairstyle I call the “skunk look”. They dye their hair black and then a huge streak of blonde just underneath, it looks disastrous!

Having lived in both countries, I can see why Kuwait and Australia are different when it comes to style, and don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of either, but I think the fact that girls in AU don’t bother putting in effort when they go shopping (they go all out for clubbing tho!!) is because here, there are taxes, 9 to 5 jobs, uni, life is generally a bit more difficult and there are no maids to go out to do their grocery shopping so life is busy and more stressful, a vast difference to the lifestyle most have in Kuwait.

I really love the laid back feeling of OZ, but sometimes I wish girls could put a little more effort to look good because it will lift their spirit even if they don’t think so, and Australia has some incredible bargains! So there is no excuse about cost, and I do wish that some girls could take it down a notch in Kuwait and not dress like their going to a party at 10am.


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