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Something to do December 2, 2010

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So for all those in Kuwait, you know there isn’t a WHOLE lot to do here and we’re always looking for something new fun and interesting. My husband and I found Kuwait Little Theatre which is an amateur dramatic society supported by the Kuwait Oil Company where the locals along with teachers and students from American and English schools come together to put on a show for all those who are interested.

Every couple of months they come out with completely different theatre shows, sometimes their musicals, sometimes a comedy but it is always entertaining. The place isn’t huge so you have to email them and reserve tickets, if there are any available they will hold the seats for you and you pay on the day of the show. The tickets are 5kd each and soft drinks are included.

The great thing about KLT is they give you the opportunity to volunteer with them! If you’re new to Kuwait, are bored or just interested in meeting new people, be sure to get on board with this bunch they look like fun the work will be cool and you’ll be lending a helping hand in expanding Kuwait’s arts community.

Kuwait little theatre is located in Ahmadi so it’s a bit far; here are their instructions to the theatre:

From the Fahaheel Expressway, (30), or the Magreb Motorway, (40), take the 212 into Ahmadi.

Cross the traffic lights and, just after the speed bump by Ahmadi Governate, (on the left), get into the right lane to take the right fork into North Ahmadi. (Signposted)

Continue straight along 8th Avenue. You will go across three roundabouts until you reach a T-junction at the top.

Turn left at the T-Junction. This is Main Street.

On the corner on your left is now a big yellowish building. (KOC Head Office) Just after this is a mosque and then the driveway to the theatre. (There is a signpost for The KLT on the right hand side of the road but it points into the drive BEFORE ours!)

Turn left into the KLT drive and the theatre is straight ahead of you. Park in our parking lot and come on in!

If you reached another roundabout you have gone too far!

Be sure to check out their website to read more about them, their productions and the people. Enjoy!


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