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AU vs KW. What do U think? December 9, 2010

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Hi all!

Sorry it’s been a while I’ve been insanely busy I just arrived in Australia for a family visit! It’s December now which means summer, but I am NOT impressed with the weather:( It’s a nice cool breeze which most people love but I’m here for the gorgeous beaches and lazy days at the park, booo! Anyway, I’m here for another 5 weeks so hopefully summer will arrive soon.

Now for all those who have been or live in Kuwait, may agree with me when I say the ladies can be really over the top when it comes to fashion, but they do keep up with the latest trends, but having been here in Australia, I’ve noticed that people aren’t really up to date, it’s not that there aren’t amazzzing fashion musts available, but I think the overly relaxed atmosphere that comes with being in Australia over shadows the fact that sometimes, putting in a little bit of effort can really go a long way in lifting a persons spirit. I’am talking about the girls fashion sense more than the guys, since guys here are always in board shorts and surfer t shirts which looks neat and cool, but some of the girls I see at the shops are wearing these overly tight short shorts and extremely low cut blouses with this hideous  hairstyle I call the “skunk look”. They dye their hair black and then a huge streak of blonde just underneath, it looks disastrous!

Having lived in both countries, I can see why Kuwait and Australia are different when it comes to style, and don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of either, but I think the fact that girls in AU don’t bother putting in effort when they go shopping (they go all out for clubbing tho!!) is because here, there are taxes, 9 to 5 jobs, uni, life is generally a bit more difficult and there are no maids to go out to do their grocery shopping so life is busy and more stressful, a vast difference to the lifestyle most have in Kuwait.

I really love the laid back feeling of OZ, but sometimes I wish girls could put a little more effort to look good because it will lift their spirit even if they don’t think so, and Australia has some incredible bargains! So there is no excuse about cost, and I do wish that some girls could take it down a notch in Kuwait and not dress like their going to a party at 10am.


Something to do December 2, 2010

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So for all those in Kuwait, you know there isn’t a WHOLE lot to do here and we’re always looking for something new fun and interesting. My husband and I found Kuwait Little Theatre which is an amateur dramatic society supported by the Kuwait Oil Company where the locals along with teachers and students from American and English schools come together to put on a show for all those who are interested.

Every couple of months they come out with completely different theatre shows, sometimes their musicals, sometimes a comedy but it is always entertaining. The place isn’t huge so you have to email them and reserve tickets, if there are any available they will hold the seats for you and you pay on the day of the show. The tickets are 5kd each and soft drinks are included.

The great thing about KLT is they give you the opportunity to volunteer with them! If you’re new to Kuwait, are bored or just interested in meeting new people, be sure to get on board with this bunch they look like fun the work will be cool and you’ll be lending a helping hand in expanding Kuwait’s arts community.

Kuwait little theatre is located in Ahmadi so it’s a bit far; here are their instructions to the theatre:

From the Fahaheel Expressway, (30), or the Magreb Motorway, (40), take the 212 into Ahmadi.

Cross the traffic lights and, just after the speed bump by Ahmadi Governate, (on the left), get into the right lane to take the right fork into North Ahmadi. (Signposted)

Continue straight along 8th Avenue. You will go across three roundabouts until you reach a T-junction at the top.

Turn left at the T-Junction. This is Main Street.

On the corner on your left is now a big yellowish building. (KOC Head Office) Just after this is a mosque and then the driveway to the theatre. (There is a signpost for The KLT on the right hand side of the road but it points into the drive BEFORE ours!)

Turn left into the KLT drive and the theatre is straight ahead of you. Park in our parking lot and come on in!

If you reached another roundabout you have gone too far!

Be sure to check out their website to read more about them, their productions and the people. Enjoy!


This is concerning!! December 1, 2010

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My husband found this toy at a local shopping centre, I can’t believe this is actually available for kids to play with! Disturbing.


Gotta have it!

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E!s fashion police

For all those who have OSN, and I’m sure any chick that already does, watches E! & the Style network. Both channels air the show “fashion police” starring Joan Rivers and in one of their episodes they were showing one of the latest trends, coloured shoes.

Now, for some reason this seems to be a trend that not everyone is in love with and I don’t get it! It’s just gorgeous! Since the shoes must be bright (not neon!) and colourful I will obviously suggest wearing a single coloured or a nude coloured dress. The thing I adore about this trend is how cost affective it can be. There is no need to wander the malls looking for a colourful trendy funky dress, and instead invest in a pair (s) of fabulous heels with any boring dress you have hanging in your wardrobe and instantly set the trend! Like those on fashion police, investing in a pair of heels or flats is never a waste because unlike our dress size, our shoe size will never change:D

Given, some people really don’t know how to pull this look off and I don’t know how you can get this wrong, I was


surprised to see SJP get it wrong, she’s like a fashion icon, but the Vivienne Westwood mess of a dress and those blue heels looked sloppy but anyway, it’s quite simple, and if you’re scared to look like you’ve just stepped out of a clown car, remember this, get a simple dress, not too much detail, glitter beading etc but go ALL out on the shoes! Get something insanely stylish funky gorgeous and try to suffer through the pain, because lets face it, when have YOU ever bought a pair that managed to look hot and be comfortable? Cause if you did, please tell me:(!

Don’t fret, you don’t need to go to Christian Louboutin, because not every average joe can splurge on a pair of $600 shoes, visit Topshop or River Island or go on-line and check out Zappos, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for! Remember you don’t have to be in a dress to follow this trend, go ahead and find a pair of flats along with jeans or tights, it’ll look just as stylish;) Embrace this trend, it’s fabulous!!!