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In love with fashion November 29, 2010

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So do you remember my post bout harem pants? I mentioned they need to be a certain quality matched with the perfect top etc, well today I went into Topshop in Avenues shopping centre (Kuwait) and as soon as you enter there are black harem pants hanging so I decided to give it a shot, and I loved them! The material is stretch so it’s superbly comfortable, there is a big bow on the left and there are zippers near the leg, they are so cute!

Harem pants from Topshop

I was hesitant to purchase them cause I got myself a butt and they tend to make the butt a bit bigger but then I found a pair of shoes that I fell in love with too (I fall in love a lot with clothes and shoes) they are black and gold, I love that the gold is minimal but still visible. The pants matched together with heels pulled my posture upright as heels do!

I loved the top I was wearing (not very clear here) it was loose and had a pocket on the right with a fake zipper, very chic but it was 18KD and I thought since I’m going to Australia soon, I’d better stick to buying a top from there since it’ll probably be a whole lot cheaper and it’s not very hard to find one that will look good, unlike the pants.

black & gold heels from Topshop



The thing I recommend if anyone wants to buy these pants is to match it with a light coloured top, avoid black, navy, grey and go for red yellow green purple etc. The pants are 24KD and the fabulous shoes (on left) are 37KD.


One Response to “In love with fashion”

  1. shoosh Says:

    Love the shoes!

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