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The blazer; An essential key piece November 24, 2010

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Blazers are everywhere!

I really adore the gorgeous boyfriend blazer we’re seeing so mush of lately. Finally, there is a key piece that every fashion forward woman can use on pretty much any outfit, it’s really important to match your blazer to your outfit and to the season too. Remember, blazers are no longer restrcited to the office, in fcat, they can be added on to just about any outfit! For instance, if you’re planning a lunch with some girfriends on a gorgeous summer day, why not go ahead and wear your most fflattering pair of washed out denim uber-shorts (to the knee), a white satin flowy top and a snazzy yellow satin blazer on top with either heels or flats. You will instantly look up to date with literally ONE piece! Finally!

Blazers can be worn in just about anyway and at any occasion. I love how

Kerr rockin the blazer

Miranda Kerr matches her blazer with an evening dress, even though I wouldn’t do it because I love evening dresses to be the centre of attention but still I completely dig her look.

Now, my absaloute favourite look is the denim/blazer mesh up! Unfortuentley, I am yet to find the perfect blazer to suit me and I can’t find any in Kuwait (so if any of you have any suggestions, please share!). Anyway, I really love a pair of skinny jeans, a casual, white t shirt, and basically any colour blazer you feel like wearimg, I think it just depends on the accessories, you know, bags, necklaces etc. If it’s summer, try opting for a light fabric and color with fresh accessories (go to Forever 21) they have some gorgeous vibrantly coloured necklaces amoungest other things.

Anyway, if you’re scared to take a chance on this fashion piece, just remember it’s pretty hard to get it wrong with this key piece, just remember not to overdo it with the colours and the style, but this is something we should keep in mind when it comes to anything to do with fashion. Since the blazer is the key statement, remember to keep everything else minimal and I assure you, you will be rockin’ this style for a long time, enjoy;)


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