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Stack, mix and match November 22, 2010

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When it comes to jewellery I really love the look of stacked bracelets and bangles, it can completely lift a simple outfit while adding really great style, and at a very low cost too! You have to be careful when it comes to stacking your lovely bangles on because colour, pattern and the amount of “bling” can make or break the look you’re going for.

Celebs embracing stacked bangles!

I really love the understated look especially when it comes to parties; I love accessories so when I had a party to go to a few weeks back, I bought this gorgeous one shoulder deep purple dress from Al Raya Complex in Kuwait but the dress was so simple (just how I like it) and I needed to glam it up a bit while still maintaining the classy look I was going for so I popped over to Aldo and found a set of awesome stacked up bracelet/bangles (for 4KD pictured bottom right) that went perfectly with my outfit, but like I said depending on the time of day and outfit you can’t just wear any odd thing on your arms!

Stacked bangles from Aldo

Now, there are two ways to decide on what bangles match; if you have the patience to buy a whole bunch of different colours and patterns like I did from Diva (In Australia) you can have the freedom to mix and match between all the different ones you have, you can even add a simple bracelet with a charm dangling down between the bangles but if you don’t trust yourself or just can’t be bothered, there are so many stores which sell them already stacked together in all different colours, coordinated depending on the look you are trying to achieve from Aldo, Forever 21, Monsoon, EXPRESS, Diva (for those in Australia) etc!

The only thing about these gorgeously chic accessories is to always keep in mind to keep everything else to a minimum because you don’t want anything else to take away from your fashion statement. One more thing, please don’t be scared to try it out, fashion is all about having fun and experimenting what looks good on you and what doesn’t! So have fun with it and enjoy!


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