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guidos and guidettes! November 8, 2010

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Ok, so I am openly admitting that I LOVE reality shows, and I’m sure many people do too, hence the abundance of reality shows popping out like E!s Julliana & Bill, Keeping up with the Kardashians, The spin crowd and so on, anyway, I couldn’t really get into Jersey Shore, but I did stumble upon a little show called Jerseylicious airing on the Style network, and I have been addicted ever since! It’s in its second season and is full of the usual things people love, cat fights, bogus tans, animal prints, relationships and breakups! I must admit, this show is no Sopranos, but in the midst of all of the disasters which exist in this world and all the terrible things we see on the news, sometimes all we need is an hour a day to take a break and watch something light hearted, well, at least for the viewers it is! and laugh:P

This show revolves around a salon in New Jersey called The Gatsby run by mum and daughter duo Gayle and Kristy. They employee a few hairstylists, GiGi, the sweet happy 23 year old ready to get married and settle with her boyfriend Frankie, Tracy, a vicious girl who is full of fire and anger and Anthony, a salon owner himself temporarily working at Gayles’s salon. They also hire make up artists Alexa, an ambitious happily single woman and Olivia, a typical fun crazy girl trying to get her life together, not successfully mind you.

From left to right GiGi Anthony Tracy Gayle and Kristy

Anwyay, the reason I love this show is because I feel like it’s not scripted and the characters are sticking to their true colours in terms of everything from what they call fashion to their relationships with one another. Unlike J WOW from Jersey Shore who has now tranformed herself from trash to class, (don’t get me wrong I think what they wear is disgusting, but at least it’s authentic!)

What I love most about this show is the tension, stares and fights between Olivia and Tracy, it’s completely disgraceful but my guilty pleasure, everyone loves to see a cat fight!

Tracy and Olivia from Jerseylicious

So, if you’re looking for something funny and trashy, (just admit it, you love it too!) then be sure to check out this show, they are in the middle of their second season but the Style network airs repeats daily, so be sure to check out your TV guide, alternatively hop onto Enjoy!


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