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Giving back November 8, 2010

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Mac Cosmetics

This is just a quick post to notify all the ladies out there who don’t already know about MAC’s policy of giving back. I love MAC products, I buy all my make up from there because it feels soft and natural on my face, even their heaviest colours of eye shadows can be applied and heavily or as lightly as you want.

Some of the packaging you can return

Anyway back to the point, MAC has a deal going on with its customers, and that is for every SIX (6) empty containers you bring back to one of their stores, (eye shadows, foundation, lipstick etc) MAC will give you a free lipstick in your colour of choice. It’s a great way to help the environment and you get rewarded with a token of their appreciation for doing your part for our planet. I am big on recycling and doing little things to help and this is just such a great thing MAC are doing. Their website is


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