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Winter has come again November 7, 2010

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Kuwait has welcomed the winter season with open arms after a long summer and I for one welcome the change!  I don’t love walking in heels and in the winter open toed anything is not feasible. I was looking for a comfy stylish pair of flat black boots and I found one at ALDO but they were sold out.

I went to all their stores in Kuwait but they were either out, or only had it in a size 36 so when I went to Dubai I found these at a discounted price, I got in just at the right time because there were only 2 pairs left! They were discounted at 340 DIRHAMS which is about 25KD.

The other colors this particular boot comes in is grey, red,  and an amazing teal color that I’ve only seen in Dubai, they also sell it in beige but I only saw that color in Kuwait. I opted for the black because I wanted something versatile.

The only thing about these boots is that they are suede and everyone knows suede can be easily ruined by water or dirt especially if you decide to get it in black so the gentleman at the shop suggested I buy a product of theirs called “ERASE and GROOM”. One side is a thick brush you use to scrub the boot in a circular motion and one the other side is block you use to smooth out the suede. It works like a charm, use it before wearing the boot, I love it because it works on any suede or nubuck shoes and after every outing I polish the shoe to bring it back to its new condition.

LAURANCE boots in deep red

I love this boot for another reason, and that is its insanely comfortable!! I wear these now all the time with black spandex tights I found at Bershka. I don’t feel comfortable in cotton tights I feel like they always ride up and it makes me look short, but the pair from Bershka are extremely slimming, and they can be as long or as short as you would like them to be, depending on the look you are going for!

Anyway, just another thing I wanted to say about winter now that it’s here, ladies, don’t forget to moisturise!! This is the season for chapped lips and skin!


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