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Harem, yay or nay? November 4, 2010

Filed under: Fashion,Latest trends — shabbychicfashion @ 12:17 am

Love the top, but the pants just look old and drabby

I appreciate fashion, don’t get me wrong, but the one thing I seem to really struggle with is when people flip through Cosmo or Vogue and see the fashions on the runway and think they can imitate the same look, and that’s not the point of fashion, the point of fashion, in my opinion is to take a style and make it your own, in a way that suits your body sense of style budget and so on.

Harem pants are interesting, I personally don’t dig them and some of the pants I see being worn just make me laugh! Like 80’s washed out harem denim pants I mean please! Stick to how it should be worn don’t be so rebellious when it comes to these pants because they already have so much to their appearance that a plain pair with a simple classy top will make a gorgeous fashionable look.

This is fashion gone RIGHT. Clean classy and up to date!


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